CCTV inspections are important to the sewer industry. Unknown drain problems can cause serious backups.

At AYAM Plumbing, we use CCTV cameras to locate and identify the source of blocked drains. Our process guarantees efficient results, saving you time and keeping costs down. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trust us to deliver an unrivalled level of quality on any of our plumbing services

A plumbing camera inspection can provide these benefits:

  • Confidence in the health of your plumbing system

  • Early identification and resolution of potential problems

  • Non-invasive inspections that eliminate the need to cut into drywall, dig, etc.

  • Leak identification that can save you hundreds in utility bills

Serious pipe problems can be quickly resolved with the help of our plumbing video camera inspections. Early identification of plumbing problems can also save you hundreds in repairs later on!